Who or what is MNMYearbook.org?

MNMYearbook.org hosts the yearbooks from Mill Neck Manor (MNM) School for the Deaf in Mill Neck, New York.

For some reason, the school’s official website does not have the yearbooks. So, a group of MNM alumni decided to make this website to show the yearbooks!

Who are we? We’re just a group of MNM alumni who work together to run this website. It’s not really important to know our names. It’s more important that we try to reach our goals:

#1: Our main goal is to have ALL yearbooks on the site! 🙂
#2: We would like to share all kinds of news and information about our alumni and staff. Birth, engagement, marriage, death, etc.

If you are an alumni or a staff (either past or present) and want to make an announcement on this website, contact us.

We hope you will enjoy this site and have wonderful memories while you go through the yearbooks.

Want to help us? If you have any old school photographs that you think should be posted here, contact us. Thank you.